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Pixie Lott’s Wedding to Oliver Cheshire

Pixie Lott & Alice Wilkes Design

Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

Press Release

Pop singer Pixie Lott and model and designer Oliver Cheshire considered various locations before settling on Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, where they finally exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones.

Followed by the perfect party, which incorporated several live performances as well as a surprise cooked up by the bride and groom: a hidden speakeasy. "We wanted a secret bar that people could happen across, separate to the party, with special cocktails and show girls" - Vogue Magazine

The Brief

Build and execute the pouring of a champagne tower to act as a focal point to the post-ceremony reception. Design and serve a bespoke menu of show-stopping cocktails and molecular jellies to add wow factor to the sit-down dinner and late night secret speakeasy bar. Deliverables include:

• Cocktail menu development

• Provision of highly proficient mixologists for speakeasy bar

• Service of molecular tequila jellies served in roses as an accompaniment to the dessert course

• Supply of cocktail stock, bespoke glassware and specialist cocktail equipment

• Erect a 6 tier pyramid tower comprised of balanced champagne coupes

• Full bar service planning and logistics


First came the champagne tower. After discussion with the client we agreed that a 6 tier tower would give the required wow-factor whilst being of correct size to still enable the bride and groom to pour the champagne themselves.

We erected the tower in front of the main alter of Ey Cathedral, providing a stunning backdrop for the performance as guests gathered after the ceremony itself.

Next we were asked to recreate a molecular cocktail shot that Pixie had discovered whilst on holiday in Ibiza, and had never been served in the UK before. A vanilla infused tequila jelly nestled inside the bloom of a white rose. We prepared and served 300 jellies to act as the conclusion to the sit-down dinner, before the after-party began.

As a finale to the evening we were tasked with creating and serving a bespoke menu of cocktails from a hidden speakeasy bar amidst the walled garden of Ely Cathedral. The client specified that they must be “visually stunning, something guests will remember”.

We decided to utilise a new technological advancement in cocktail creation - the Flavour Blaster gun. A tool that combines a bubble-making mechanism with a smoke machine, allowing edible bubbles to be filled with aromatised smoke and laid atop a cocktail’s surface. This creates an interactive moment where guests pop the bubble and inhale the flavoured smoke before consuming the cocktail.

These tools appeared on the mixology scene recently but until now had only been used in high end cocktail bars on a per-guest basis, never before being used in the UK to serve such a high volume of cocktails at one time. With careful logistics and multiple apparatus we were able to successfully serve hundreds of smoking bubble cocktails.


You guys smashed it, as always!

Alice Wilkes Design